IEWP Meetup – WordPress Security with Dre Armeda from Sucuri

Many Thanks to Dre Armeda for coming to the IEWP Meetup and Presenting on Security.


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In this video, Dre Armeda from shares with the Inland Empire WordPress Group the 5 keys to helping secure your WordPress site. Plus, he also described some precautions we should take to prevent any site from getting hacked and how to recover quickly when it does.

If you have a website online, it is not a question of “if you get hacked”, it is a question of when and will you be ready?

No method ensures 100% security, as we have seen with recent attacks on major websites around the world.

Sucuri is focused on malware detection and remediation services and also has a few plugins specifically for WordPress available in the WordPress repository.

If you have been hacked and want some help cleaning up the mess, the team over at Sucuri may be the right choice. Check out their services at

If you are in Southern California in the Inland Empire area and want to meet other people using WordPress for themselves and clients, sheckout the Inland Empire Worpdress Group on,



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